Why 3 posts at the same time is a big No-No

Yes you did read that correctly, and this time I will be writing about using twitter.com. I love the idea of using twitter to connect to other people and have fun reading what they post. Occasionally I do skip some tweets because I see so many hash tags in them they’re just difficult to read. But what I especially do not like is when people start posting two or even three updates that are almost identical, except that they use Hootsuite and so the links will be shortened with their service and thus the two or three posts will go through twitter’s initial spam check (because of the link difference) and I will get to see them crowding my time line.

First thing tell them to stop that nonsense or right away block the user, your choice, but even if no one marks them as spam they will continue to do such bad practices and keep on bothering people with that nasty practice!

My recommendation to them you ask? There is a very simple tool that can help them do more with that same tweet if they can schedule it at the right time.

It is absolutely easy to use and will also determine good times to post your updates so you have more people seeing them! I suggest you program some of those times to moments where you will be able to respond so you are using the tool with a maximizing effect.

Have you used buffer? Tell me about it. Do you use another tool, why? how is it better?



Yes, many people now have accounts on twitter but for people that cannot, or rather not, be as active as others it sometimes can be overwhelming the amount of information that you receive via this media. I have my own twitter account and check it often but not extremely often. What I do tend to see is that when I post regularly I get more followers and when I stop for a couple of days people just flock away. It is quite interesting because it’s one of those social media things where you need to keep people engaged and interested, but then again, how much is too much?

Anyway, if you are a newbie on twitter, the first thing you have to do is understand that it is just another time consuming thing, or it will greatly help you meet new people, clients, providers, services. It really depends on the type of people/businesses that you follow.

How do you know who to follow? For me it was, and continues to be, a trial and error kind of thing. I started following people that I already followed either online or offline, like David Pogue or Leo Laporte, which are two tech guys that I love to hear rant. From then on I have been active in some of the chats like #QRChat #B2BChat #GetRealChat and a few others. Now when I say active it means that sometimes I post to the chat and sometimes I just “listen” in.

Ahh but I started to use things like # and did not explain exactly what they were. Ok a hashtag (#) is a little something that you should get to know better. They are used for setting topics that can be easily searchable (to the best of my knowledge). So for example let’s say you want to know how many people are having #Coffee in the morning, well if you do a search on “#Coffee you will see how hundreds, or even thousands of posts that are talking about it. But they can also be used for chatrooms. In the ones I mentioned before there are many interesting topics to read about. Usually those I listed are happening at nights, some on Monday’s, some on Tuesday’s and some on Wednesday’s. The good thing about it is that there are special webpages that will let you build a transcript of what was said during the chatroom to review later. So sometimes when I can’t make it I just read the transcript one or two days later! It’s truly amazing!

I’m off for a bit… catcha laters!


An Auto DM, an Auto Unfollow?

empty message!!??

empty message

I joined twitter, for real, about five months ago. I say for real because I did have an account with the social media site since August 2009 but I did not really check it often, or at all. I will not say that I am an expert because that is completely insane, but I have been reading and trying to learn to at least not be a complete newb.

One of the things that I have seen that many people do on twitter is sending an instant/automatic DM (Direct Message), just after someone follows them. The things I have seen on those DM’s range on a variety of topics, they can be questions that seem real, asking to retweet stuff, links to other social media sites or other sites in general, thank you notes and more. My question is, do they REALLY work? I believe that in general it is a waste of my time, and theirs, to set them up, they don’t feel original, are not engaging enough (at least in most of the cases), and many people will hit the infamous unfollow button just as fast as they can because of them.

What would you say if instead of that generic kind of thing as an automatic DM, wouldn’t it be nice to ask a real question by means of a reply? Something genuine, different to each user, or maybe even similar but that is in the spur of the moment not just automatic.

Here is my message to you:
Don’t send “empty” DM’s to your followers, engage with them so they are constantly interested in what you can offer.

Just when I was finishing writing this I saw a nice summary of How to get more twitter followers by Allan Ward which you will probably like to read also