I have just installed an application on my cell phone to jot down ideas, save them as drafts and later on publish them here. It looks really thorough and simple to use, just like WordPress.
This makes me think back on several things:

  1. if you haven’t started your online presence, or if you are unsure how to do it, now is the time to start thinking why and when you should start getting your own site up and running.
  2. if your web presence is up, and everything is working smoothly, what have you seen from other sites that you can bring into yours? Do you need more traffic? Are you looking for new customers? Do you want to give extra benefits to your existing customer base? In other words, what is the strategy that you are using online? Is it consistent with your offline strategy? Do they differ greatly?
  3. let’s say that your company wants to get into the Social Media bandwagon, how will they choose which site(s) to use? I would suggest going where your current and potential customers are. There is no need yet to open several accounts in places where your customers don’t hang out. And I say yet, because in a few months you may think about opening accounts in those sites to get some brand awareness and develop new customers, but it is not your top notch priority right now.

To sum up, your online presence is needed only if your customer base needs it to be, some products or services were not meant to be online. If that is your case, do not start over spending your small budget into unknown areas, grow slowly into the online world.

What do you think?


What is Fair?

I am just in the middle of watching a “reality show” one of the perhaps millions that are out there. I will not tell you what the name of it is, but I will tell you that it is not of models or of losing weight or of singing. It is a show where physical and mental strength are valued but sometimes strategy is more important.

Today three people had to face a very tough competition. It consisted of carrying a ball and a chain throughout different obstacles, and as I sit here watching I think, it can’t be fair that a woman that is a real delicate girl have to compete against two huge men. Somehow I think that the people that chose the type of competition did not try to make it more balanced for the three competitors. But then I also thought that maybe they have a database of available contests and they randomly choose one. If the second is the case, the poor girl was doomed before the beginning of the competition. Which for me is very sad. However, she is giving a battle, she is trying with all her might and she will give them a run for their money.

Now why did I bring this topic today, because sometimes in life we are faced with challenges that are far above our own capabilities, but despite our knowledge of the difficulties of the task, or the lack thereof, we must face our tribulations and start working on them.

Here is a simple way of doing so:

Daunting tasks are always composed of smaller burdens that can be broken down into tinier chores. And those chores will be broken down as well, so the advice is, take things one step at a time, try to break down those impossible tasks into small chores, divide them into their smallest parts and start overcoming what seemed impossible at first.