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So you have created your Facebook  Fan page, or for the company you are working on… Here comes the hard part! What to do next? How do I make people come to my page, like it and stay there or at least make them come hungry for more?

It is all up to you, and you know it. The first step is to think about this as a long term relationship, this is no 100 meter sprint, this is a long marathon. Do not start sending all kinds of messages all day long without a plan. What are the goals for using Social Media Marketing? what are the objectives? what do you expect to gain from using this tool? go through these questions and then come back for more.

Right, everything set, so know higher management wants to know how many likes you have, but they have not seen the news on the new statistic called “are talking about” that Facebook just recently came out with. Here is a post by Kevin von Duuglas that will help you understand the metric and how you could go past the “likes”.

Second step, produce engagement on the community, your community. That is the key to social media, or at least that is how I see it, us it to your advantage, post information that is valuable to the people that are listening to you, not just Random acts of marketing (Rams) as I have seen Pam Moore call them. (See more info on Rams here). Remember those goals, objectives I told you to think about, well if you not only thought about those questions and you also gave answers to them you should clearly visualize what you want to happen with your service/brand. So go ahead, start jumping in engaging that community and mostly talking about what they like, who they are and really get to know them so you can understand them and serve them better.

Ah but as so many people know, even with a great plan it can be tough sometimes and inspiration may be challenged, well don’t fret, bloggers are your friends, read, research and you will surely find more information to talk about, always. If that doesn’t seem to be working at all, then here are a great set of things to Post on Facebook Pages for Business for those times when you definitely cannot get it done.

I hope this helps you, but if you still seem stuck let’s get the conversation started, I’m in G+, twitter so go ahead send me a message and we’ll sort it out!

What other things can you think that can be useful to bring those followers into “engagement mode”? What has worked? What hasn’t worked?



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